Turner Falls parkTurner Falls Park in Davis OK

You can rent a cabin in Turner Falls Park and enjoy a weekend in tranquility. Our cabins can accommodate up to four people and can be rented by going to our reservations page and choosing which cabin you would like to rent. While booking, you must have a verified credit card. Cash is not accepted. While enjoying Turner Falls Park there are fees associated with entrance to the park please visit our tourist information page to see about fees into the park, fees do change throughout the year.

Things to Do in Turner Falls Park!Natural Pool in Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park is one of the best places for you to spend your vacation. There are a lot of things in this park that attracts a lot of people for far away cities. One of the thing that is most attractive is the biggest waterfall in Oklahoma. People love to come and see this beautiful waterfall and have a little swim in its natural pool.

This is a very family friendly and adventurous place for you and your kids. It is located in Arbuckle Mountains which makes it even more fun to visit. It is the best place for people that are looking for camping spots, RV hookups, and picnic areas.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do at Turner Falls. So many that you may need more than one day to do all of them. Below are mentioned some of the things that people love to do inside Turner Falls.

river in turner falls parkFun Activities in Turner Falls Park

  • Waterfall fun: The 77ft waterfall is something that you can’t just look away from. Once you are near it, you cannot resist glancing at it or just diving in the pool.
  • Picnic Sites: Hungry? Looking for a good picnic spot? Well, look no more. Because you are going to find a bunch of them in Turner Park.
  • Cabins: one of the best things inside the Turner Park are our amazing cabins. They are very beautiful and equipped to be the perfect place to relax.
  • R.V. Hookups: Of course, don’t forget about these R.V. Hookups.
  • Novelty Shops: Feeling bored? Visit the novelty shops and kill time. You might find something you like.
  • Hiking Trails: Hiking is something that everyone’s blood pumped up. Well, fortunately, there’s natural hiking trails here that are always a fun experience.
  • Bath Houses: After a fun and active day, who wouldn’t like a nice relaxing end to the day at a Bath House?
  • Sandy Beaches: Whether you want to take a sun bath or build a sand castle. You know you can always count on the sandy beaches.
  • Natural Swimming Areas: Natural swimming areas a very fun activity site. You can enjoy swimming right under the waterfall. But be sure to have safety if you have children with you.
  • Caves: Only the name is interesting enough to get someone going. The three natural caves that are inside the Turner Park are a huge tourist magnet.

The shops in the Park are opened or closed depending on the ongoing season. It all depends on the management of the park. Here is some additional  information about the Amenities and Pricing.

Fishing in Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park  has loads of trout by the end of November. It depends on the temperature of the water according to the season.

The cost to fish in Turner Park is $15. So, get your fishing rods ready and your hooks shined, it’s going to be a fun and relaxing fishing time.

Turner Falls Park is Home to the Largest Waterfall in Oklahoma Turner Falls

Turner Falls is home to the largest waterfall in Oklahoma. The water drops 77 feet down below to a natural and beautiful swimming pool. Turner Falls is visited by thousands of tourists and locals of Oklahoma every year.

People that visit Turner Falls Park get to have a lot of fun. Things like hiking the trails put up by nature are one of the things that attract a lot of people. Along with that, there are also a lot of people wanting to visit this park because of the three caves that it has. Campers can find areas to tent and get RVs for adventure. They can also rent the private and beautiful cabins that are perfect to spend your night in. Turner Falls is located near Davis, OK on Honey Creek which is in the Arbuckle Mountains.

 Arbuckle Mountains view from cabinArbuckle Mountains

Arbuckle Mountains are some of the oldest and the most beautiful mountains on earth. Turner Falls Park takes its place among three of the points that allow us to experience extremely old geological sites, along with it on the list is are the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Grand Canyon. These ancient hills aren’t the tallest ones because they have been exposed to elements that have them eroding. But they sure are breathtaking. A perfect place for clearing your mind and some fun adventurous experience.

Collings Castle

Collings Castle

COLLINGS CASTLE / ELLSWORTH COLLINGS: The historic Collings Castle located in Turner Falls Park on Thursday, April 14, 2011, in Davis, Okla. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman ORG XMIT: KOD

Collings Castle is a great thing to visit on your stay to Turner Falls Park. This castle was built in the 1930’s and became part of the estate of the late Ellsworth Collings. No one really ever new why Collings built the castle, since there were no wars in the 30’s the battlements that were used the in the build of the Castle were really put there for the show of the castle, to add to the design of the building. Official documents claim that the castle is an English style buy historians believe that the castle has quite a bit of Spanish influence, probably do to Collings love for Spanish architecture. Even though the castle may have a bit of Spanish influence all of the materials were found and sourced from Oklahoma, except for the rose rocks around the fireplace which were sourced from Lexington.

Turner Falls Park Accommodations

Turner Falls Cabins – Villa #1

cabin1 Cabin #1 overlooking the river and mountains – Large deck (uncovered) – Sleeps 4/5 people

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Turner Falls Cabins – Villa #2

cabin2Cabin #2 overlooking the river and mountains – Large covered deck – Sleeps 4/5 people

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