Shopping Around Turner Falls

Looking for a few Shops?


Miss Sarah’s Antiques & Artistry

201 E Main St, Davis, OK 73030

Phone number (580) 369-2092

Beautiful items! All unique! Prices vary depending on items.


The Crowes Nest

117 E Main St, Davis, OK 73030

Phone number (580) 618-8885

jewelry, shoes & much more. They offer online shopping to make it easy to look your best.

Turner Falls Curio Shop

US 77, Davis, OK 73030

Phone number (580) 369-2330

Men’s Clothing, Accessories

Benton Ave Boutique

103 W Benton Ave, Davis, OK 73030

Phone number (580) 369-0055

Women’s Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories

During your stay at Cope Villa in Turner Falls Oklahoma make sure to visit some of our local shops. You never know what type of treasures that you will find at our local establishments.

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